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1.- What is the delivery fee?

Delivery fees are based on the distance from our workshop in Anoka. 

2.- Can I pick up my balloons from you?

No, at this time we offer delivery only.

3.- Are your balloons biodegradable ?

Yes! Our latex balloons are made of natural and organic materials that are 100% biodegradable at the same rate as an oak leaf. Mylar, or foil balloons are NOT biodegradable, but are able to be recycled.

4.- Is my deposit refundable?

No, Once your deposit is paid in-full, that time slot is reserved for you and supplies for your event are ordered we can reschedule your party if need it.

5.- What about if you need extra help for my party to finish decorating?

We charge a $50 dls a hour for regular birthday party or to help coordinate a wedding and

be a helper is 100 per hour.

6.- Will you cancel if we have a weather inclement?

Yes, we have the right to cancel and we will return your deposit if we don't feel safe to drive,  or if our equipment can be damage because the weather like snow storm, tornado or rain.

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